4 Simple Steps for Maintaining Good Physical & Mental Health

good-healtha) Healthy Diet: 

What is a Healthy diet? A diet that focuses on providing all the nutrients that your body needs. It comprises of macro nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fat along with micro nutrients which include vitamins and minerals. Each of them has a different role to play in maintaining various body functions.


These nutrients are derived through a combination of the five major food groups – fruits and vegetables, cereals and pulses, meat and dairy products and fats and oils.


The truth about carbs may be hard to digest but nutritionists say they’re an important part of a healthy diet. Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. In India, 70-80% of total dietary calories are derived from carbohydrates present in plant foods such as cereals, millets and pulses. “Half of your total calories of the day should come from carbs. The problem is that we emphasize more on refined carbs in the form of breads, biscuits, white rice and wheat flour. We forget that carbs come from other healthier sources like whole grains which include brown rice, millets and oats that have a higher nutritive value.

Recommended dietary allowance:

Men: 2320 Kcal/day
Female: 1900 Kcal/day


“About 30 to 35% of your diet should consist of protein. This could be in the form of pulses, milk, leafy greens, eggs, white meat or sprouts.” I’d agree since protein is the main component of all of your body’s cells, as well as your hair, skin and soft tissues. Moreover, we burn more calories in digesting proteins than carbs. Since men tend to be muscular and usually weigh more than women, they require more protein.

Recommended dietary allowance:

Men: 60 grams/day
Female: 55 grams/day

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