11 Best Time Saving Beauty Tips


All My Hair suggests washing your hair in the sink if you’re running low on time. Your hair is often the first thing people notice, if you can get it clean and shining, you really don’t need to worry about much else. You’ll look beautiful, and–even better–you’ll feel beautiful and clean.


Cosmopolitan recommends soaking your mascara bottle in hot water for a little bit. This will thin the ink and make it smoother and easier to apply. You’ll avoid messy, clumpy lashes. If you put your mascara in the water while you’re getting ready, you’ll save time when you get to applying makeup.


Daily Makeover recommends soaking cotton swaps in your perfume and then placing them in a plastic bag you can take on the go. When you need a little freshening of perfume while you’re out and about, you’ll be able to quickly dab a little perfume! This takes a little preparation, but will certainly pay off.


Life Hacker suggests saving time in the morning by lightly ironing your clothing with a straightener instead of an iron & ironing board. This is a great way to get the wrinkles out of your clothes without getting out all your ironing gear. This will definitely save time, while making it seem like you spent a lot of time getting ready.

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