18 Tips for a Flat Tummy

14. Snack Regularly:


Snacking regularly provides the body with the fuel it needs to continue burning calories all day long. Plus, those who skip snacks between meals are for more likely to overeat at mealtime.

15. Keep Stress Low:


Studies show that stress has quite a negative impact on our bodies. Plus, when we’re stressed, we tend to eat more or choose unhealthy foods

16. Walking:


Try to squeeze in a 30-minute walk daily, says Lyons. The simple boost in metabolism will help you burn waistline fat more efficiently.

17. Running:


If you want to break free from the monotony of doing the same exercise every time, then you can try to add one or two days of running exercise in your exercise regime. It will help in making your heart beat faster; lose excess Tummy fat and also burn a lot of calories than walking or jogging.

18. Finally Don’t Eat Anything, 2 Hours Before a Sleep:


Your body slows down when you sleep so you can’t digest food properly and what you eat may well get stored as fat.

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