10 Amazing Tips To Clear Acne Naturally

There are a lot of acne products available in stores to shop for acne treatment, but they all contain harmful chemicals that instead of treating acne, conversely, harm the skin.


I am just going to share the top remedies that are so simple, but effective a lot! You can have benefits as well, many products and medications, both cheap and expensive, have graced my bathroom sink all claiming the same thing; this is going to cure your acne.The battle against acne can seem a never-ending story to some of us. Let me share with you 10 simple, yet effective home remedies that can help to fight the enemy of our beauty called acne.

Causes of Acne:-

Problem skin, acne

1. Acne generally caused during puberty and teenage years when there is an increase in the sex hormones and androgen.

2. Too much consumption of oil and junk foods also causes Acne to easily appear in teenagers.

3. Hereditary and dirt factors also cause Acne in men and women.

4. Over use of cosmetic products on the face and inadequate cleansing of these products also causes Acne to appear on the face and neck.

5. Pressure on the face due to use of helmet straps and so on can also cause Acne.

6. Accumulation of dead skin cells and overgrowth of bacterial tissues in the body causes Acne

1. Honey Cleansing in the Morning:


In the AM, I wash my face with Manuka Honey. The best Manuka Honey to use for acne prone skin. The amazing antibacterial properties of honey effectively inhibit the growth of acne causing bacteria. Breakouts become less frequent; your skin becomes smoother, and no chemicals! On top of that, honey is a great way to remove excess oil and balance the skin’s sebum production and PH.


After rinsing my face with warm water, then massage with ½ tsp of Manuka Honey on my skin, and then rinse.

2. Tea Tree Oil For Acne:



Tea tree oil is a disinfectant that combats to acne on the skin. There are multiple ways of using tea tree oil as an acne treatment for your skin.


Tea tree oil can be diluted by adding some amount of water to it and then apply this mixture where you are getting acne on your skin. It will soothe and cure your acne.
Put tea tree oil into the masks like aloe Vera gel mask or clay mask and then apply these masks on your skin and leave for 20 minutes. After passing the time interval, rinse with warm water and proceed with rose water applied on the skin.