10 Amazing Tips To Clear Acne Naturally

3. Avoid high Glycemic Diet:


Try to avoid high glycemic diet, like, sweetened fruit juices, sugary beverages, candy, French fries, low-fiber cereals, macaroni, cheese and dates. These increase production of androgen hormones and can trigger acne. Instead take low glycemic diet like beans, high fiber cereals, nuts, fruits, whole grain bread.

4. Vitamins for Acne Treatment:


Two vitamins, particularly, niacin and vitamin A can be used to treat acne. With the advice of your doctor, you may take 100 mg niacin (three times a day), vitamin A  and 400 mg of Vitamin E (once a day). Consult your doctor before you start taking vitamins.

5. Steam For Acne:



Apply steam to get puss from the cysts to the surface of the skin. Place a bowl onto a flat surface, and fill it with boiling water. Drape a towel over your head, then lean 18 inches over the bowl. Let the steam to cover your face for not less than five minutes, then rinse off your skin with warm water. Repeat 2 times per day.

6. Grape seed oil:


If you have an acne prone skin and you have trouble in finding a prefect moisturizer, I have a great “all natural” solution for you grape seed oil! It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it helps with acne because of its antibacterial properties and it doesn’t clog pores!