10 Amazing Tips To Clear Acne Naturally

7. Try an aspirin trick:



Smash one tablet of aspirin and mix it up with water, then apply it on the area affected by acne, leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse. It’s a very effective way to fight acne.

8. Ice Pack:


Ice is also very effective home remedy for pimples. It removes dirt and oil from skin and also improves blood circulation.


Wrap ice cubes or crushed ice in a piece of clean cotton cloth and hold it on the pimples on your face and neck or a few minutes.
Wait for a few minutes and repeat the process three to four times.

9. Toothpaste:


Toothpaste contains anti-bacterial ingredient called triclosan and also menthol which has drying properties. This is an easily available home remedy for acne.

10. Coriander and Mint Juice for Acne:



Mix a teaspoon of coriander juice with a pinch of turmeric powder. Wash and apply this paste gently over the affected areas before going to your bed at night. This is an effective home remedy for acne. Instead of coriander juice you can use mint juice also.