10 Effective Proven Tips For Hair Growth

7. Avoid Hair Gel:


Hair gel adds beauty to your hair and one can try different styles with the help of it. It chemicals can attack the scalp and weaken it. Hence removing gel, saves the hair root from the ill effects of it.

8. Massage:


Massage your scalp with good hair oil. Hair oil which is processed with hair friendly herbs help to condition the hair and prevent drying of hair. A good head massage help to increase blood circulation to scalp skin and aid hair growth. Head massage also reduces stress, tension headaches and induces good sleep.

9. Hair Trimming:


Yes, trimming your hair regularly can help grow your hair. What happens is that when you have dry hair, you have split ends, and when you have split ends, it inhibits hair growth! So don’t forget to get your hair trimmed every 3 months.

10. Dandruff Removal:


Dandruff is one of the major factors for a weak hair. To eradicate it, mix some lime juice with your hair oil and massage your scalp. Leave it for a few hours and wash your hair. The end result is a dandruff free hair.

11. Eat Healthy:


After finding out my deficiencies, I decided to change my diet. Along with fruits and whole grains, I eat a balance of protein (essential for hair growth), omega 3-fatty acids (for a healthier scalp) via foods like salmon, herring, walnuts, and dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, which are packed with iron and vitamins A and C (which help produce oils in the scalp).

12. Drink More Water:


Water removes waste from the body, creating a healthy internal environment for hair to flourish. No longer a fan of sugary drinks, I now drink six eight-ounce glasses of water a day and have noticed less breakage and stronger, thicker hair.

13. Sleep Well:


With the busy lives we lead these days, most of us don’t have the time to sleep peacefully for 8 hours. But they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Do not forget to catch up on a solid 7-8 hours of sleep everyday if you want to look good. Because the lack of it can cause a lot of beauty problems for your hair like hair fall. While at it, also make sure you sleep on a silk pillow case, it causes less friction and prevents breakage. Also remember to change your pillow case every week, that way the oil and grime that get transferred from your hair to the pillow won’t irritate your scalp.

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