15 Simple tips to Remove darkness on Under Arms

6. Almonds:


Take one tablespoon powdered Almonds and one teaspoon finely powdered Almond shells,then it appears as a cream. Then apply the Almond Scrub to the affected area for 8-10 minutes.

7. Milk:

pouring milk into a glass on blue textured background

Milk is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that play an integral role in brightening the dark skin under your arms.

Necessary ingredients:

  • Two tablespoons of milk.
  • One tablespoon of curd.
  • One tablespoon of flour.


  •  Blend milk, curd and flour to make a paste.
  •  Apply the paste on your underarms and let it stay for about 15 minutes before washing it off with water.


7. Olive Oil:


This oil has natural bleaching properties and it also softens the rough skin on the knees and elbow giving it smoothness and glow. This is one of the cheapest remedy for dark skin formed by friction and dryness.

  •  Rub warm olive oil to the knees and elbows every day for 10 minute

8. Potatoes:


If you grind up potatoes into a juice and apply to dark skin, it can help lighten it due to the Catecholase in them.

9. Cucumbers:


For dark underarms, cucumbers can be very helpful. Blend lime juice, cucumber juice, and turmeric and apply under your arms to help lighten skin.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide:


Dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide (around 3.5%) and apply it on dark areas. Repeat it two times a day. It has an excellent bleaching property and cure discoloration.

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