15 Top Skin Secrets from Hollywood’s Expert Kate Somerville

How to fight shiny, oily skin ?


1. Good exfoliation and hydration are the two keys to combatting oily skin.

People with oily skin sometimes think they don’t need hydration since they produce a lot of oil, but this is not the case. You should hydrate with a product (e.g. Kate’s Nourish) that has hyaluronic acid in it and then use an oil-free moisturizer. Looking for a budget-friendly option? You may like the hydrating moisturizer from Cerave. Read below for more on choosing the right exfoliating product.

Skin secrets to get rid of hormonal acne:

2. Birth Control

Birth control does help with hormonal acne since it helps regulate your hormones. Since some people don’t respond well to birth control, though, she has a number of other skin secrets you can use.

3. Diet

Make sure you are eating organic dairy and meat since the hormones that are sometimes added to these animal products may mess with your hormones and contribute to acne.

4. Add chlorophyll to your water

This is a skincare hack she got from Reese Wither-spoon. In a 2011 issue of In Style, Reese states, “If I start to get blemishes, I add chlorophyll to my water and my skin clears up in three days.” Chlorophyll is thought to possibly help regulate hormones and reduce inflammation among a whole list of other proposed benefits.

5. Use probiotics

Kate uses Bio-K, but she advises to make sure whatever you use is refrigerated when you buy it.

6. LED light treatments

This treatment, which was originally developed for cancer, can lead to major skin-clearing results by killing the bacteria that cause acne.

How to Prevent Acne Scars ?

7. Pop your pimples properly.

You are constantly told never to pop your pimples, but Kate is much more practical in her approach. She gets that no one wants to walk around with a white head, so she teaches her clients to pop their pimples properly with her skin secrets. If you don’t, your nails can tear your skin causing damage and tearing, which leads to the lasting redness that hangs around long after the pimple goes away. So, make sure that

So, make sure that you wrap your fingers in toilet paper before extracting. If there is not a clear white head yet, use a lancet to create a canal for the gunk (my technical term) to come out of so you don’t have to squeeze so hard and cause damage to the surrounding skin.

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