15 Top Skin Secrets from Hollywood’s Expert Kate Somerville

8. After popping, treat the area with hydrocortisone and Neosporin.

The hydrocortisone will help with redness and the Neosporin will speed up the healing process.

9. Use D-Scar to treat existing acne scars.

People rave about this product that has gone viral and has a cult like following. The reviews speak for themselves.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles ?

First, identify if your problem is dark, pigmented under eye circles or if you have puffy bags under your eyes.

10. For dark under eye circles, you should use an eye cream with retinol.

11. For puffy bags under your eyes, use green tea & ice-cold spoons.

Steep green tea bags in warm water and then apply to your eyes for 5 mins. The caffeine helps restrict the skin and fight the puffiness. While you are waiting, put 2 spoons in ice cold water. Once you remove the tea bags, apply eye cream and massage it into your undereye are using the two ice-cold spoons. Here is another budget-friendly eye cream option.

How to Get Rid of Tiny Bumps on Your Skin ?

If you have tiny little bumps on your skin, it is probably due to trapped sebum (oil) under the skin.

12. To get rid of these tiny bumps, you need good exfoliation.

When selecting a good exfoliating product, here are Kate’s tips on what to look for:

-Make sure the scrubbing beads are extremely fine so they don’t tear the skin
-It should contain AHA and lactic acid

She specifically developed her Exfoliate product with these things in mind, and people swear by it! Here is a more budget-friendly option as well.

13. Women should shave their faces.

Ever wonder why men seem to age better than women, well they shave their face every day! It acts as an exfoliant and removes dead skin cells. She says she has been doing it since she was about 23 after hearing that was the beauty secret of the top Hollywood actresses.

-What type of razor should I use? You may have heard people recommending the Tinkle eyebrow razors, but Kate   doesn’t. She recommends using a high-quality razor like a man would use (e.g. Gillette Mach 3 ).
-Any other razor tips? Make sure to change your blades often and keep the razor very clean.
-How do I prep my face? Use a gentle daily wash and lather well before shaving.
-Will my hair grow back thicker? No, that is a total myth.

14. The key steps for skin care in your 20s are: exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and use a retinol.

How often should I exfoliate? Her rule of thumb is in your 20s, 2x/week; in your 30s, 3x/week; in your 40s, 4x/week…

-Make sure your moisturizer has SPF to protect you from sun damage.
-Pick products with antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E) to fight free radicals
-Looking for the right retinol product? See below.

15. Retinols are the #1 ingredient you can use to prevent aging.

What product should I use? Kate has a retinol product that she highly recommends called Dermal Quench because it is wrapped in a lipid, which is moisturizing. Then, it is able to melt into the skin and penetrate the deeper layers. But, if you are looking to buy one at the drugstore, here is what you should look for:

-Not too intense to avoid excessive drying and peeling
-Time released
-Coupled with hyaluronic acid for hydration
-Here are some options: Roc or Radha Beauty
-Retinols are also great for acne.

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