8 Best & Smooth Under Arms Hair Removal Techniques

Thinking sleeveless? Then you’re also thinking yucky underarm hair and the pain and trouble you have to go through to get rid of that fuzz.


It doesn’t matter if you have a quiet weekend ahead of you or a stay over planned with your friends, there are certain areas of our body that most of us like to keep hair free. Our underarms are one of the most common places that we like to keep hair free as it helps in managing and preventing body odour. There are a plethora of techniques to remove underarm hair. If you’re out club hopping with your friends, it’s likely that you are going to dance with your arms raised up. You want to rest assured knowing that your underarms are neat, tidy and hair free to establish that confidence you need to enjoy yourself!

Your armpits are a sensitive part of your body so it is vital for you to pick the method that suits you best. Here have the best techniques for getting rid of hair from the sensitive skin of your underarms.

Underarm hair removal techniques:

Armpit is the more sensitive region, so one should choose the adequate technique of hair removal. Here, are the listed methods.

1. Shaving:

Close-up of a young woman shaving her armpit

What We Need:

  • Razor preferably, one having 2-3 blades inbuilt.
  • Shaving cream or soap.
  • Water
  1. Soft cloth to clean excessive cream and soak the skin after cleansed with water.
  2. The method will be more effective if practiced daily or alternatively, otherwise, stubble will start appearing on the shaved surface.


  1. One should take care while shaving, the razor used, should neither be too sharp nor be blunt.
  2. Razor should be washed properly, before and after use, to avoid infection.
  3.  Apply some moisturizing lotion after shaving the armpit, to avoid irritation.

2. Waxing:


Waxing is yet another technique to remove armpit hair from the root. It is done by applying a thin layer of  artificial wax(slightly hot wax), and removing it in opposite direction using the wax strips. It is effective usually until 3-4 weeks, but, for some people hair regrowth may start in 2-3 weeks or soon.

It is effective usually until 3-4 weeks, but, for some people hair regrowth may start in 2-3 weeks or soon.

What We Need:

  • Artificial wax
  • Wax Strip
  • Talcum Powder


  • Wax applied shouldn’t be too hot.
  • Wax should not be applied in thick layers, as it is painful to remove.
  • The wax strip should be removed in opposite direction of hair growth, otherwise, it may cause reddishness and can be painful.
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